Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The other day, was talking to one of my favourite nephews and suddenly he popped the question, "Do you like cricket?"

I said I used to like it at one time but have gradually lost interest. His very next question was, "Do you know about IPL?"

For a while, I was fazed. Then I recollected hazily something about IPL that I had watched on a reality show. It distrubed me that I had reached a point where I had to learn about cricket from a not-so-classy tv show. (Now I am not a tv buff. Mostly I just use it as a background noise of choice.)

Then he went on to tell me about various teams, their owners(mostly bollywood celebrities) and about his favourite team and players. He is supporting Delhi Daredevils if I remember correctly, while my other neices are supporting two different teams, whose names I don't recollect, possibly because there was no reality show about them.

Now I am a bit saddened, I never had a lot of interests in life, but my interest levels are falling down every day, at a pace which alarms me. It seems the only 'constant' in my life is the world wide web!

P.S. I am supposed to support Kolkota Knights (or something similar) but I have no idea how many matches they have played/won/lost. Nor of any others. I hope Uz you will win your bet(:


Abu Ayenab said...

As we get intellectually maturer and more stable, it is normal to have the number of interests dropped down to a few that we are really focussed on.

Arimas said...

Well that's a cheering thought:) So if my interests are limited only to books, music, food and WWW(world wide web, not wrestling!), that's a sign of maturity? *phew*

Abu Ayenab said...

Yes, it is :)

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