Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Potential Study in Contrast

While browsing, I momentarily paused to watch an Arabic movie. It was remarkably similar to the lollywood and bollywood movies. The complete package, the dashing, swashbuckling hero; the coy and attractive heroine, with just the right amount of modesty and timidity; the buffoon; the eternal typecast fat lady who is there for being laughed at by everyone, and never seems to mind it because she is too dumb to notice it of course(fatness is always synonymous with stupidity in such movies'); the villain's den etc. etc.

Now I wish I had watched more of it. Could have been an interesting study in contrast. Some related thoughts on this later, but this is it for now.


Abu Ayenab said...

Arabic TV dramas somehow appeared to me quite similar to those that Peshawar PTV used to telecast :)

Arimas said...

I have never watched Peshawar PTV, so the irony is lost on me(:

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