Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Visit To The Bank

I want my name up in the Guiness Book of World Records!

Have you ever met anyone who has had a bank account for more than 3 years; who has transacted thousands if not hundreds of thousands through their bank account and have still not been even outside a bank? That person is me!

Now don't start and exclaim that it is not possible. How can one have a bank account without ever going to one?How can one transact, transfer,withdraw all that money and never have been inside one. But this is exactly what happened to me. A distant relative(actually my parents' cousin, who happens to be my uncle) was working in that bank. He has switched to another bank now.(It's not because of me!)

It happened like this...I informed abbu that I wanted a bank account, he called Uncle Zee. Uncle Zee came home with a bunch of papers. Abbu filled out the forms. "Who do you want to be named as next of kin" he asked.

"Why ammi of course" I promptly replied. To this day he is offended, as he took that as a sign of me loving ammi more than him. He was just reading too much into it. I don't see why he has to do comparisons. Besides, I do love ammi more than anyone else(:

Anyway, once the forms were filled out the difficult stage of signatures arrived. For some reason, I am mortally afraid of having to sign my name somewhere. It's not only because my handwriting that has so often been called a spidery scrawl. Anyway, I hastily signed my name on all the required places. Got a bank account, and have managed everything since then on the phone! Never had to go to a bank. There was no occasion to.

Though I wonder what would I do in pre-ATM days. There were only two occasion when I sent a cheque to the bank, and they were only processed because of Uncle Zee's intervention. Who was so exasperated the last time, that he sent me a copy of my signatures on the bank form,plus advice, "please use your ATM card in future!" (Perhaps that explains why he left that bank and moved to another one).

That was the story of my first bank account. (which is still active by the way, miracles of modern day banking).This Sunday however, I did visit a real bank...from inside! I was so excited and flustered. A. was laughing. He believes that I was behaving like a country yokel who has come to the city for the first time and is gawking at each and everything. Well, the banks are new to me.

Yesterday, a 'dubious sounding' man called. He couldn't even pronounce my name correctly, spoke to me in what sounded like creole or pidgin. Anyway, he was from the bank and he wanted to inform me that my ATM card is ready and I can collect it tomorrow. You know what that means?

Yep. Another trip to the bank this weekend and more gawking! Oh I am loving bankses(:


Abu Ayenab said...

Reminds me of Stephen Leacock's "My Financial Career"...that was a part of Inter English book :)

Arimas said...

Yeah,I remember too. But Leacock's was a classic piece, very funny too!

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