Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Whirling Duster

Everyone is familiar with the exotic and innovative creations that TV shops(or whatever they are called) try to sell you. They try everything in their power to convince you that their product is the height of sophistication. On seeing such ads, the average viewer is reduced to feeling guilty and is ashamed for not having enough knowledge about the leaps of modern science. Some, the more gullible ones, pick up the phone and dial the number flashing on the screen. While the more skeptical ones just shake their heads in absolute dismay or disbelief.

Until this day, I was wholly unaware of the great whirling duster. As is usual, when there are 400+ channels on the TV, you can rest assured that nothing of value is going to be shown on any of the channels. Therefore, one has little options of entertaining oneself other than to flick channels at the speed of lightening. Thanks to my lucky stars, guardian angels and whoever else is responsible for it, I discovered this miracle of modern science. By sheer good luck, mind you.

To be exact, this miraculous product is dubbed the "Instant Duster". But because of its unique action, I have fondly dubbed it the whirling duster. (That makes me possibly the first ever god mother of a tv product!) Now those of you who were too lazy and let dust pile on every object, and in every nook and cranny, no longer have an excuse for your procrastination. The whirling duster is the duster that will put all existing products to shame.

The most interesting point of course is how they depict people smiling so brightly, while they happily dust away. Aha...gone are the days when you had to move your arms and do the tiresome chore of dusting.Let whirling duster take care of it. The ladies looked as if they would burst into a song any minute, or start whirling like dervishes. Honestly! One of them was literally waltzing while she happily whisked the one inch thick dust from tables, side boards, chests of drawers and what nots. Which makes one wonder, how did they let so much dust collect in the first place?

By the way, if you happen to have a cute daughter with messy doll, the makers of whirling dusters haven't forgotten you. The whirling duster will deftly clean her dolls or any other toys. Apart from that you can use it to clean your glasses, shelves, pillars, false ceilings and countless other things. (Wow, I have earned the right to demand a commission from them!) Unfortunately, the 'running commentary' was in Arabic, and hence I missed the finer points.

I suggest everyone should buy this product. If not for the purposes of keeping everything spick and span, at least if we get a fraction of immense satisfaction and cheerfulness of the ladies in the ad, that wouldn't be a bad deal! Imagine everyone with a whirling duster in one hand, smile on the face and a jaunty song on the lips.


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