Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Pain Syndrome

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading, this is not a scientific treatise after all. Nor can what I am going to narrate, strictly be called a syndrome. (I will come to the reason of why I am discussing this at the end)

However, this topic has constantly intrigued me. Namely, the consciousness of pain.This includes all forms of pain: physical, psychological, imagined, supposed pain etc.etc. This raises a number of questions. For one, why does it hurt more if we are thinking about it. Point in case, I burnt my finger badly the other day. It's been almost a week, and the burn turned into a wound, and wound kept on 'festering', and yet I blithely kept on working, typing, doing dishes and other activities involving hands. (Digressor: think of how many activities we do that do NOT involve hands). But today, when I noticed how awful it looked, it has suddenly started to hurt very much, and I am wondering how did I manage to type thousands of words with this finger!

Does our consciousness of pain become heightened if we are aware of it? Or, if we are paying too much attention to it. Actually, yes it does! And I am the 'in- house' authority on pain, considering the number of 'pain books' I have translated. I can easily advice people on how to deal with chronic pain, chronic illnesses and tinnitus, etc. Every expert advises that in order to deal with pain, one should use 'distractions' to take our mind off the pain. By the way, did you know that even when you have healed, you can still continue to experience pain? Pain is not an ailment in itself, it's a way that your brain uses to tell you that you are hurt and you need to do something about it. Sometimes, it continues to send the pain signal even when we have healed. But I am digressing as usual.

Back to the topic of my sore and battered finger. I have currently applied some antibiotic ointment on it, and bandaged it. This incident triggered all of the above thoughts in my head. And also some relevant and irrelevant stuff.

Talking about pain, I remember an interesting anecdote. My chachi claims that when she eats sliced cucumbers she gets a severe headache instantly, but she is perfectly fine if the cucumbers are finely chopped. Now there sure must be some scientific explanation for that, and I have no intention of coming across as insensitive, or lacking in empathy. But it's very amusing how she will pick up a thin slice of cucumber, eat it, and exclaim," See, it's already hurting me." (-: Pain is not tangible after all. But she keeps on demonstrating by eating sliced cucumbers and saying, "see, I am feeling a sharp, stabbing pain in my head." Waise, this also intrigues me. Exactly what does cause that pain? What is there in the composition of a cucumber to induce headache?

I need to stop rambling. (Actually, I have forgotten rest of the things I was going to 'talk about':D) Such is Beebly!

Google translator

Okay, I had been meaning to share this one for a while. Because I think it's really hilarious.

The change

For quite some time, I stuck to what everyone else thought was a garish and gaudy green...because I felt like it! Now I am changing it to blue. The obvious reason is that I am out of the 'green mood' and am in a 'blue mood/mode'.

I hope the readers will appreciate the change of colour, I personally would prefer to have a larger font and a little bit more 'brightness' to liven up things.

Update on work: Yesterday was the worst day of my life (work wise). The EPM finally succeeded in reducing me to tears, literally! Well, at least I can laugh about how absurd and ridiculous it is at one level. That is not to say that I have 'forgiven or forgotten'. Alas, normally I forget and forgive too freely. But in some situation, it surely backfires.

And only yesterday I was vouching to Abu Ayenab that I won't rant about it any more and will not let it get under my skin etc. etc. However, if he knew the details, he too would agree that I am justified in ranting about it.(C'mon, I have got to vent somewhere!). Still, I say that EPM doesn't deserve any more space on Beebly. It's an insult to the very essence of Beeblyism(-:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Long time...and yet

It's been really long since I last wrote anything(seriously) on Beebly. As 'everyone' knows why I was busy, need I go into details? But thank God, finally I am free again. The irksome part is that when I was 'bisy' I had so many things in my mind I had meant to write about, but didn't have the time to even so much as look at my blog. And now somehow all the ideas have leaked right out of my 'leaky head'.

Another constant issue for me is being too 'introvert' if you know what I mean. Besides, I have still not really 'settled' in the blogosphere. First, I had to go back home for my best friend's wedding. As soon as I returned, EPM was waiting for me, so I had to attend to that to. Strictly speaking, I am still not finished with the business, because I have to still do the final proofreading and glossary, but the MAIN task is done, and I feel so relaxed. Otherwise, I was on a 'stress high' for the past 2-3 weeks. Imaging struggling for even small words like 'tidy'!

When the project was 'on' all I had wanted was to finish it and have time for myself so I could indulge in hours of non-productive life. Now that it's almost over, I have already begun to miss the adrenaline high that I experience when doing something challenging. Although my nephew thinks that I am boring beyond words to be so enchanted by words and languages(-:

One good thing about having some free time is that I can finally visit ammi. She's been asking me when will I 'come to visit' but was way to busy for even a phone call.*Feeling guilty* Anyway, I am really happy and may visit mommy dear this weekend...most likely on Sunday! Procrastination, here I come!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I think...

...that all these so called advice,self-help books, training courses, manuals, guide books....in short everything that I translate is useless! Point in case, I have wasted a lot more time ever since I started doing 'Time Management'!

A quick note

For those who think that that Beebly has been 'abandoned' I only want to say that "It is not! I am freakingly busy"!

On top of that, I had to spend a good half hour to try to log into my account. Stupid gmail people. I hates you even more than evil PMs.(PM is evil project manager, not prime minister, although he is not any good either).

The ironic part is that right now I am translating "Time Stealers"(-:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Misadventures of Mox

Today I discovered a new comic strip, the misadventures of a translator Mox. When I read them, I felt that Mox must be my twin. The one above is my favourite so far. I wonder how relevant will the 'jokes' be to anyone outside the translation industry, but I found them highly amusing. There are so many amusing experiences one has as a freelance translator.

Here's the link for those of you who may be curious to read some more:

I am Back

I just noticed that I had been absent from my blog for over 1 month! The trip to Pakistan was not merely a journey from one geographical location to another. But it was an emotional journey as well, and perhaps at some level spiritual too.

Funnily enough, I experienced an 'epiphany' while reading Angels and Demons. Fancy that! I guess my love/hate relationship with Dan Brown continues. By the way, the movie has hit the theatres and am tempted to go see it. However, it may not be so palatable; because of the bloody details and gory scenes. Violence in any form, even in the movies is abhorable to me. Plus, as I was telling N. today, I don't like Tom Hanks, despite his reputation as a very fine actor.