Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Things That Never Will Be Same Again (Part II)

6. Trains: Before you exclaim that Pakistani trains have been the same since the beginning of British railways in the sub continent, and how can I possibly complain of any change in that sphere, let me remind you that this list is mostly about not the changes in things themselves but rather how my perception of them has changed. Besides, the Pakistan Railways have changed, for worse. My earliest memories of journey on trains are associated with summer vacations and trips to our village. Now, I seldom get to travel on trains whenever I go to the village. I think it has been over a year since I last travelled on a train. It's somewhat unfortunate, as trains happen to be one of my favourite transport.

7. Technology: Or rather my perception of technology. Unlike two of my elder siblings I am slightly less technology challenged. As in, I can not only fully use all the functions of my mobile(they can't!) but I can generally navigate through the wide, wide world of web. There was a time though, when I hadn't heard of www, or worse yet hadn't a clue what PC meant. But I am talking about a time, when PCs hadn't become household names yet, and owning a radio/deck/walkman used to be considered the height of sophistication. But now technology has either invaded every possible aspect of our life, or is planning to do so in the very near future.

8. Childhood Games: The concept of games has entirely changed for the current generation. Fewer and fewer kids play games like hide and seek, 'go-go', neeli pari(blue fairy, translating it literally) and similar games. Heck they don't even play ludo! The reason? They are glued to the tv, the PC or their Xbox. IMHO, they are missing out so much in their life. Or maybe not, since you cannot know the value of what you never had.

9. A Crystal Clear Memory: Gone are the days when I had the birthdays of my every single member of my family on my finger tips. Actually, I even knew the birth dates and other irrelevant details about every prominent ruler of Indo-Pak(thanks to my infatuation with history), now I cannot even recall the most basic things. My memory has gone so bad that I often wonder if one should stop to call it memory and dub it forgettery instead. Funnily enough, I can recall the tiniest details about certain days of my life, which go back to almost my childhood.

10. Actually, I forgot the tenth thing on my list. So the list will never be the same again either...see, that proves that my memory has become like a leaky cauldron. Though if asked, why a leaky cauldron and not any other vessel, I wouldn't be able to tell. So long blog friends!


Mamu Ayenab said...

Come to think of it, everything ceases to be the same again, the moment it occurs. What happened this morning, wont be there again. What happened yesterday falls in the same category. Just that our perception of time forces us to focus more on distant memories rather than recent ones. I feel that the biggest change in life over the years has been the gradual lack of availability of time in our lives. The amount of time of course, remains the same, but for some reason, we have felt the need to fill each and every vacant moment with something to do. One could argue that that is in fact a good thing, since an idle mind is a devil's workshop. But really, what is the limit?

Mamu Ayenab said...

Last post, July 21.....waiting!!

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