Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are we spiritually connected to certain places?

This is another one of my favourite point to ponder upon. Are we spiritually connected to certain places? And I will tell you why. There are certain places towards which I feel a deep emotional bond: my gaon for instance, my old school, our old home in Fujairah, and some other places too. But the bond with the gaon is the strongest.

This leads me to wonder if people have a special bond or connection with the place where they were born. I have met more than one person who have a more than usual affection for the place where they were born; while for other people it's the place where they were raised. Now although one can argue that we are creatures of habit and get used to a place because we have lived there for a very long time. This doesn't seem to be the case with me. Although, I was born in gaon, I have spent most of my life outside in other places like Lahore and UAE. And yet it is the dearest spot for me in the world.

An almost similar, but a different kind of affection exists in my heart for my secondary school. Though, it's not as if I had a jolly good time there. In fact, most of the times I was bullied by these two nasty girls in my class. Yet I still fondly remember my school and often find myself roaming there(in my dreams). Same goes with Fujairah, I have spent relatively few years there, and yet that home is much closer to my heart than the one in Lahore in which I have spent many more years.

Perhaps I am confusing everyone with vague terms like affection, bond, spiritual connection*sigh* But this is true, no matter where I am, the faintest whiff of a smell resembling the smell of my village evokes so many memories and stirs a deep longing to be back in my place of birth. No matter where I am, a part of my heart is irrevocably dedicated to that old homestead. Why is that so? I wonder and wonder and wonder.

There is a group of people that believes that once you are dead, you continue to haunt the places for which you had a deep affection. Now while my religious beliefs (and even rationale) deprives from believing in this point of view...suppose if such a thing could happen, I bet you anything which one place I would be roaming/haunting as a ghost. Waise ghosts are a funny concept too.

Thought of the day: Family matters:D

How totally irrelevant to the above post. Actually weekend is almost here, and I have plans of visiting ammi abbu this Friday. J. will also be there, so am really looking forward to it. Oh, and I am dying to know what did W. get me for my birthday. He wanted to come on my birthday, but according to his claims, I dampened his spirits by giving him a cold shoulder. That is so not true! But I could hardly sound enthusiastic if he declared the desire to visit me at 11 in the night! I mean, who in their right mind would drive an hour at night to deliver a gift? The idea of driving at night scares me, and would much rather not want him or anyone to drive that late.


Abu Ayenab said...

I also feel a very strong affiliation to the town I was born in and then spent some high school years there. It does happen. For others, such a place may be just another usual town. But for that particular person, there is no other place like that one.

And yes, smells and songs bring back in an instant the memories of long gone times alive in our present...

Arimas said...

True! I remember standing near a roadside 'hotel' near Jehlum, and the whiff of a woodfire burning somewhere instantly reminded me of the evening meal times in gaon so much that I badly longed to be back there.

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