Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does anyone need a coin holder?

We don't. Especially if it is a hideous elephant shaped coin holder: black elephants that have golden coin 'holes' on their head. Ugh. Also the golden hole-like thingies are so small that you can barely put any coins in them. If by any means you succeed in achieving the feat of putting a metallic piece of money in there. I would love to watch a video of you trying to get it out.

The main purpose of this coin holder seems to be to make you appreciate the beauty of things. Since it's so ugly, that everything else seems a work of art in comparison. And this monstrosity was thrust upon us quite unwillingly, rather unknowingly. We went to the local equivalent of a 'dollar shop' and for reasons unknown to us, we were given this gift. Had we noticed it there, we would have ungraciously returned it there and then, or requested them to replace it with something less repulsive. As it happens, we only discovered this piece of horror when we came home and were scanning our shopping.

We aren't art connoisseurs by any mean. In fact, we are probably artistically and aesthetically challenged. You won't find any decorative items in our home. (Unless you think the objects scattered haphazardly are meant to be used as ornaments.) The one or two decorative items that can be found in our home are either sitting in a box that is secreted in the furthermost point of the cupboard. Only one or two decorative items are on 'display', which isn't our fault. The guilty person is W. who buys souvenirs from every place he travels too, and then heaps some of them on me.

By the way, he bought me this plate-like thing from Turkiye, which depicts three whirling dervishes on it and a frame to hold it. His special instruction was, 'don't you start eating biryani in this. I know you are quite capable of doing so." I agreed that that was indeed the case,(although the idea of eating  your biryani off the whirling dervishes is so bizarre that it might kill the appetite). And now I am wondering why can I not do it. After all, the plate is chip resistant, and microwave and freezer safe!

P.S. Why does everyone else spell Turkiye as Turkey? That makes it sound like the stupid and fat, albeit tasty bird. I know for a fact that Turkish people like to spell it as Turkiye, even the whirling dervishes say so.


Mamu Ayenab said...

Who says its a coin holder? Well maybe it is, because thats what I suggested, but I agree, it has got to be the most impractical one I have ever seen. For one, it cannot hold more than 3 or 4 coins at the most...for two, extracting those 3 or 4 coins is going to cost you twice as much in terms of energy.
Turkiye seems more like 'Tour-key-yay', rather than the conventional prnounciation we are used to. My guess is, the reason is similar to why we write 'amreeka' in urdu, instead of America, even though there is no logical reason to do so.

Arimas said...

You said it's a coin holder! I couldn't have possibly fathomed its purpose otherwise. It has got to be the ugliest coin holder on the earth. Otherwise, we are lucky for not having come across anything uglier.

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