Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Fuller and Accurate Description of the Ugly Coin holder

In my earlier post, I mistakenly described the ugly coin holder as being a golden and black monstrosity. In fact, it is dark brown, golden and beige. Another misreported fact was that the coin holding stuff is on its head, whereas it is on the elephants back.

Other finer points include the fake looking, golden coins of various sizes (with a dollar sign on each one of them) that form a circle on the elephant's back around the coinholding slot/hole. The idea is supposed to be quite metaphorical one assumes. You have so much wealth(coins) that it requires two elephants to carry it. But as Mammu Ayenab rightly pointed out, it can barely carry 3 or 4 coins at the most.

The sticker at the bottom of the beige, wooden plinth claims that it's a Euro novelty. I agree with the 'novelty' part. What a waste of raw materials and man wonder our globe is suffering. Because we the human beings keep ravishing it to create such monstrosities.

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