Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How not to send a resume...

Yesterday, I decided to respond to a job posting on web. Considering that the current project is completed and I wasn't over anxious to work with the EPM again, this seemed like a good idea. Then came trouble. (Sort of)

First, I sent the resume and an email in which I had tried to convince the potential client that I was the best thing to have happened to them. After sending the email, I realized that I hadn't included any subject line. What a disaster. Anyway, I thought this mistake could be rectified by sending a second email with a subject line. Great! So I sent another email making sure that I added a catchy subject line.

Unfortunately, after a while I realized that I had forgotten to attach my resume. Now, if I had any sense, I should have clearly seen the writing on the wall. Since I don't have any (sense that is) I went ahead and sent another email with a subject line and a resume, but forgot to add the note which was meant to apologize for flooding their mailbox. Needless to add that I haven't heard back from them:D

And this my dears is how you should not send a resume!

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