Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Colour Divide

Recently I have had to go to a lot of baby/kids store, to buy something or other for the babies/kids in the family, of whom there seems to be an infinite variety masha Allah. Anyway, what I noticed, though I was already aware of it was the 'color divide'. How everything for the boys had to be in blue, and every single thing for the girls was in pink. Not only that, it was hard to find anything in any other colours. Some stores were even more particular and had two separate sections for girls and boys.

It really makes no sense to me. Would it be horrendous if a baby boy is caught wearing a pink dress? Or is riding a pink bike, or playing with a pink toy? Wouldn't baby girls look equally sweet in blue? Not only that, how come they cannot think of using any other colours from such a wide colour spectrum. For boys, they would occasionally veer to shades of green, brown and orange, while girls have a choice of purple,magenta and hot pink. Yellow appeared to be the only neutral colour!

This colour divide is do deeply ingrained in our minds that while buying blankets for my nephew I couldn't bring myself to choose a pink one, though it was much nicer,softer and cuddly.

I personally felt that it was a bit unfortunate: the idea of gender divide based on colours. Yet another divide in a world which is already compartmentalized based on religions, ethnicity, nationalities, languages, skin colours, castes and every other possible grouping (even sexual orientation!), at least the poor baby/kids' zone should have been left alone.

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