Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rain, rain come again

I remember the nursery rhyme "rain, rain go away....little Johnny wants to play", and while I understand and totally respect little Johnny's views, I cannot help but chant rain, rain come again!

Last weekend it rained in the UAE. It lasted for only 2 days, but on those two days the temperature went down a few degrees and it was nicely cool and pleasant. But by the time the ever optimistic me excitedly got out my sweaters and shawls and aired them, the 'rains' were already over. It's quite heartbreaking, considering the fact that the ever lethargic me went to considerable pains to lug out the suitcase, repacking it again, taking out 'warm things' (as if we would need them much here), rearranging my wardrobe and what not. All for two days of rain and cool weather? To say that I feel cheated is to put it very mildly, because I feel much more strongly about that.

Well, at least I got to wear my new coat, which I bought just because I got a good bargain on that one. I am so falling into the trap of buying things impulsively, just to indulge a momentary whim and for a transient sense of uplifted mood.

Please dear rain, come again so I can get my money's worth off that new coat and feel less guilty:

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