Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random thoughts

Lately I have been haunted by these, and while I have tried to think of a coherent way to articulate them, somehow I have been unable to do it. It is as if my mind has gone numb. And since they are so random, there is obviously no order, method or even connection amongst them.

  • Patriotism doesn't mean that you have to think that your country or community or whatever it is that you are loyal to is the only best thing in the world and rest are trash/evil/non significant. That is called prejudice, and yet I see people mistaking the former for the latter all the time.
  • Why are the Indians still so fixated about partition. It was decades ago, they don't seem to like us much, some of them think we are trash, good for nothings, fanatics and so on. Then why does parting ways with us 'hurt' them so much?
  • A book is not a reflection of an author's mind, nor is it a direct thread that connects the writer's mind with that of the reader. And it certainly doesn't have to be a chronicle of the author's life. Therefore, I shouldn't have been so surprised by the callous and shallow remarks by a certain author, when they have made some really insightful observation in their novels. Fiction is sometimes just that: fiction! Also, it's easier to think that you aren't prejudiced when writing about a fictional situation, while if you are faced with a real life situation your reaction may be entirely different from what you imagined it to be.
  • Just because you don't have one kind of prejudice doesn't mean you aren't prejudiced in other ways.
  • I have discovered that I tend to judge the value or worth of a product based on its country of origin. So if a product says made in China, I automatically assume that it's going to be shoddy while some other exotic sounding place's name gets me all excited. It's easier to have faith in something made in Japan or Germany say. Hey,I have even bought stuff happily because it was made in Vietnam. Now that's not objective or rational behaviour.
  • Hypocrisy and politeness are not quite one and the same thing. And yet a lot of the time, we are fooling ourselves by thinking that we are being civil, whereas in fact we are acting out like a worst hypocrite.
  • Do we find it harder to forgive people for doing those things of which we have also been guilty?

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Just because you don't have one kind of prejudice doesn't mean you aren't prejudiced in other ways....

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