Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where do you live again?

This is what happened the other day. There was a door-to-door salesman, who wanted to sell me books at very great price. But alas, I didn't avail myself of such a golden chance and closed the portal of knowledge quite unceremoniously.

Too many salesmen keep invading this building. It surprises me; we never saw such people in Fujairah. So I wonder why this building is so 'special'.

And on top of that there was a 'lady beggar' here, who was saying something which I didn't get at all for two very obvious reasons:
a) she was speaking much too fast for me
b) she was talking in Arabic
And I think I should also mention
c) I wasn't paying attention to her

Despite the language barrier, the plaintive tone she used were remarkably similar to the beggars in Lahore. In fact, I was just able to make out that she was begging for money, just because of her mannerism and her tone!

All sorts of weird things keep happening here. Sometimes if I need something urgently, I call up the grocery guy and he turns up instantly like a jinn. However, the other day I called up the wrong grocery store. You see what happened is this: people come and slip all sort of fliers, brochures, pamphlets and stickers about their business under the door. The fliers/brochures/pamphlets I totally ignore or just throw in the trash bin, while the stickers go behind the kitchen door. Hence, I have a veritable directory about all of the local groceries and other related business right behind my kitchen door!

So what happens is that there is actually only one grocery store which is the closest to my apartment building and I usually call them. This time however I called the ‘wrong’ grocery store and as a result had to go through the following conversation with the grocery wallah.

The conversation between the Grocerywallah and me ran something like:
Me: Asslam o Alaikum...
GW: [silence]
Me: I need water...this...that and the other...can you please bring it to .....
GW: Which building...
Me: [repeating what A. had told me and what I had successfully used so far] generator wali building
GW: Which one...there are many generator wali buildings here
Me: [quite confused] er...the K. building?
GW: Are you calling from the blue building?
Me: [totally lost, and wondering do we live in a blue building?]er...I am not sure. Perhaps not...
GW: What is the colour of your building?
Me: [panicking ] I don't know. I am new here.
GW: Okay...we will send someone

[one hour passes, and still there is no sign of grocery wallah or anything. So I call him up again and more confusion ensues]
GW: Helloooooo
Me: Hello, I called up an hour ago and asked for this, that and the other...but still no signs of any of any of the stuff that I ordered.
GW: We went to this building, but they said they hadn't ordered anything, so our delivery boy came back.
Me: But that wasn't my house. So why don't you send him again.
GW: Which building?
Me: I am not sure...but you have come to deliver things at my home several times.
GW: [talks to someone in the background, she says that we have delivered many things to her house before) Okay, I will try...

In the end, a very sullen looking boy came to deliver the desired goods. And I wondered how many other buildings he had gone to before finally coming to the right one. And it was only then that I realized that I had called the 'wrong grocery wallah'. Needless to say it was our last transaction.

I thought I won't be seeing him again. Not quite. The very next day he rang our door bell, and when I opened the door he offered me some fizzy drinks which I refused since I hadn't ordered them. Actually,that happens quite frequently. People come with all sort of stuff that they think I have ordered, which of course is ordered by someone else (who doesn't know where they live(?) Or maybe the grocery wallahs are just as clueless!


Abu Ayenab said...

Welcome to the blogosphere :)

Arimas said...

Thank you Abu Ayenab.

Anonymous said...

This water tastes funny! =))

And the search for the elusive grocerer continues. Need to return the darn water bottle:|

Arimas said...

^And how does that make any sense:P

A-Man said...

Theres a big hint in it, fodder for your next episode perhaps

Unknown said...

yaar..tum bahar nahin nikal teen?

Arimas said...

Not if I can help it:D

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