Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bag and Baggage

This has always been one of my favourite idiomatic phrases.So I thought I would put it up as a title, despite being aware of how cliched that would sound.

Anyway, I am flying home on Sunday! Air travel has always been my least favourite mode of travelling. Because:
  • I hate the fact that some third party (the airline) dictates what time shall I leave my home in order to get to the airport on time.
  • They are entitled to dictate what can/cannot I carry in my luggage, and how much can I take with me. And which items I cannot carry in my hand bag or any other luggage that is carried by hand.
  • At the airport, they can open my suitcase and ransack its contents at will if the urge seizes them.
  • They search me thoroughly, because they suspect me of criminal intents(?!)
  • I have to entrust my luggage to strangers whom I do not know, who will toss and throw it carelessly, not bothered about what happens to the contents of the suitcase.
  • I can only board the plane when they tell me to. I cannot make stops on the way if needs be, since they are the ones in charge.
  • Once I land on the intended destination, I cannot leave until they have made me stand in long queues and checked all sorts of nonsensical papers.
  • Then I have to wait for the luggage to arrive which takes ages to arrive and may need to be screened yet again. A whole host of porters harass you and try to force their wholly unwanted services on you.
  • And for this uncivil behaviour, I have to pay them exorbitant sums in money!!

And now to add insult to injury, they have dictated that I can carry only one piece of luggage with me!And if I want to carry any extra piece of luggage, I have to pay an additional sum of money. Er...okay. What am I supposed to do with the tons of stuff that I am going to need on the trip?And where shall I dump the presents that I got for everyone?Because I am so not in the mood to pay additional money, when they are already robbing me...

There should be some other way of travelling long distances! Some way where one has more control over their travel choices. If anyone knows of an alternate transport, please inform me.

P.S. Funnily enough, the only thing I like about air travel is the notorious airline food, which every other individual seems to hate(:


Abu Ayenab said...

The other option is sailing in a ship. But that would take many many days to reach the destination.
Journey by road is also quite possible and that gives you the maximum freedom too. But given the strained situation on various borders, that may not be a good option nowadays.

Arimas said...

You are so right. I would have loved to go for a road trip. You really get to see a variety of landscape when travelling by road or train. Air travel is insipid, you don't get to see anything other than the clouds, or occassionaly the engine/wings.

Ships are a different ball game altogether. Have never been on one so cannot know how good or bad it is.

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