Friday, April 3, 2009

The Missing Newspaper

Every Friday, A. hurries to buy newspaper for me before he leaves for office.

Initially, he used to forget to buy it and I had to remind him several times on Thursday night. Now it's the other way around. I forget that it's Friday but he remembers. So, while I am busy fixing the breakfast he slips out to buy a paper. Or if there isn't enough time for that, he simple goes to the nearby grocery shop and instruct them to supply one. The funniest part is, after he has instructed the grocery guy to bring a paper, he comes back home to tell me that he has told the grocery guy to bring a paper for me. Now what I don't understand is why can he not bring the paper himself!Or if the paper hasn't come in yet, I would know once the paper arrives.

So, after that the grocery guy arrives with his sheepish smile and the much awaited Friday paper. I pay him for the paper, throw away rest of the paper and fish out my beloved magazine. Right, because I only buy the Friday paper for the glossy magazine that comes with it. Shallow, isn't it*sighs*

This morning, A. thought he would be super efficient and will pay the grocery guy for the paper. Then he came back home as usual, not only to perform his ritual of teling me about the paper, but also that he had paid for it too. AND had forgotten his wallet at home.

However, I have still not received my paper, and it's past afternoon here!

I told A..."The grocery guy hasn't brought the paper yet"

He said, "Oh really, why"?

I said, "I don't know. Perhaps he forgot to mention which flat to deliver it to. "

He was indignant of course. Ï am not you. He knows me by name".

Of course I couldn't resist asking him in which circumstances he and the grocery guy come to the point of exchanging their names. As I clearly don't see a badge with his name pinned to his shirt.

"Oh, I only meant to say that he knows me by face".

"Oh okay. But I don't see it written on your face that you live in 404".

You can let your imagination run wild and imagine his reaction. I am still waiting for the paper.

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