Thursday, April 9, 2009

Of Guests and Hosts

How many of you remember the essay "Of Guests and Hosts"? I really loved it.I suddenly remembered of it out of nowhere. Or maybe some events triggered the memory, and it surfaced to the top out of the deep, deep sea that is called the subconsious.(Or is that uncoscnious?)

Yesterday, I smsed 3 different people asking them to come over for lunch on Friday. Every single one of them refused. Now if that is not disconcerting, what is? All of them were busy. And abbu wasn't even going to be in the country!So it's not really their fault. Plus, they are in the process of moving from one home to another, and that can be really time consuming and stressful too. I remember A. pulling his hair out and swearing never to buy any household item in future, when we were moving last year.So I asked the fourth person and mercifully she wasn't averse to the idea and will be coming on Saturday.

Now we are mulling over the menu, or at least I am. My problem is that nothing and everything seems good enough. Not that I possess a vast repertoire of exotic dishes. But even with the ones I know, it's a constant debate. Shall I make biryani or pulao? If it is pulao, meat or vegetable one? If meat, chicken, beef or mutton? Or if vegetarian, mixed veg, green peas or chick peas? See what I mean!

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