Thursday, April 9, 2009

Subverse Slumdog Divide

Now I don't know whether you can properly view this article here. If not, I suggest just save it on your PC and read it. It's worth a read. Interestingly enough, found this while browsing the web on a blog. Of none other than the illustrious Mr. Bachhan. He was fuming over the article. I found it a bit pathetic that the editors of the paper were so abjectly obsequious.

Ironically enough, Mr. Bachhan himself rose from rags to riches! Fame must have led to 'amnesia'.


Abu Ayenab said...

If we click on the article,it reloads in a window and yes, we can then read it without difficulty.

Arimas said...

Great! I hope you enjoyed reading it. It raises some very valid points.

Abu Ayenab said...

Actually so far I have only checked whether it can be read without any difficulty or not.Now that all doubt in this regard has been removed,I will inshallah read it soon.

Arimas said...

Oh okay. I thought you had already read it. Today I am supposed to be 'working', and all I can think of is a hundred thousand ways of wasting times. What makes it worse is that I am actually employing them all!

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