Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The change

For quite some time, I stuck to what everyone else thought was a garish and gaudy green...because I felt like it! Now I am changing it to blue. The obvious reason is that I am out of the 'green mood' and am in a 'blue mood/mode'.

I hope the readers will appreciate the change of colour, I personally would prefer to have a larger font and a little bit more 'brightness' to liven up things.

Update on work: Yesterday was the worst day of my life (work wise). The EPM finally succeeded in reducing me to tears, literally! Well, at least I can laugh about how absurd and ridiculous it is at one level. That is not to say that I have 'forgiven or forgotten'. Alas, normally I forget and forgive too freely. But in some situation, it surely backfires.

And only yesterday I was vouching to Abu Ayenab that I won't rant about it any more and will not let it get under my skin etc. etc. However, if he knew the details, he too would agree that I am justified in ranting about it.(C'mon, I have got to vent somewhere!). Still, I say that EPM doesn't deserve any more space on Beebly. It's an insult to the very essence of Beeblyism(-:

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Abu Ayenab said...

The new look of this blog is good :)

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