Friday, June 26, 2009

Long time...and yet

It's been really long since I last wrote anything(seriously) on Beebly. As 'everyone' knows why I was busy, need I go into details? But thank God, finally I am free again. The irksome part is that when I was 'bisy' I had so many things in my mind I had meant to write about, but didn't have the time to even so much as look at my blog. And now somehow all the ideas have leaked right out of my 'leaky head'.

Another constant issue for me is being too 'introvert' if you know what I mean. Besides, I have still not really 'settled' in the blogosphere. First, I had to go back home for my best friend's wedding. As soon as I returned, EPM was waiting for me, so I had to attend to that to. Strictly speaking, I am still not finished with the business, because I have to still do the final proofreading and glossary, but the MAIN task is done, and I feel so relaxed. Otherwise, I was on a 'stress high' for the past 2-3 weeks. Imaging struggling for even small words like 'tidy'!

When the project was 'on' all I had wanted was to finish it and have time for myself so I could indulge in hours of non-productive life. Now that it's almost over, I have already begun to miss the adrenaline high that I experience when doing something challenging. Although my nephew thinks that I am boring beyond words to be so enchanted by words and languages(-:

One good thing about having some free time is that I can finally visit ammi. She's been asking me when will I 'come to visit' but was way to busy for even a phone call.*Feeling guilty* Anyway, I am really happy and may visit mommy dear this weekend...most likely on Sunday! Procrastination, here I come!

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