Thursday, July 9, 2009

I want biryani!!!

Someone in my apartment building is cooking biryani and a tantalizing aroma is wafting in our home. It's driving me crazy! Now I am craving for that biryani like anything.

Apart from coveting what doesn't rightfully belong to me(yani my neighbour's biryani) I am also wondering how true is the statement that pulao is like classical music, and biryani is rock.(read it somewhere).

Also, someone else on the same bulletin board commented that biryani is the desi equivalent of junk food. Now that remark must have come from an ignoramus. How can something as sophisticated as biryani be compared with something as mundane as junk food! What I love about biryani is the multiple layers of flavours which gradually 'unravel' in your mouth; as it is a unique blend of several spices, delectable rice and meat.

Besides, there are so many varieties of biryani that one cannot tire of eating it. There is the famous Hyederabadi biryani, where raw,marinated meat is cooked slowly with a layer of parboiled rice heaped on top of it. It's perhaps one of the yummiest rice concoction. Another personal favourite of mine is Bombay biryani. Then there is the spicy and hot Sindhi biryani(I love the extra minty flavour of this one!), Delhi biryani, pulao biryani, Lukhnavi biryani and what nots. The list goes on.

That doesn't mean that I like pulao any less.There are as many varieties of pulao; you can make chicken, beef,mutton,vegetable or channa pulao. Or make Afghani/Kabuli and several other kinds of pulaos too. But my personal favourite is beef or mutton pulao cooked in the rich and delicious stock until the rice are just perfect! Yep, I am a 'rice buff', if indeed such a term exists.
Actually,I am a glutton by default and find it hard to resist any type of food, especially if it is rich and of not-quite-that-good-for-the-health variety; that obviously includes all the Indo-Pak dishes.

By the way, on this weekend or on the one after that, I am planning to try some Emarati variety of biryani/pulao. Let's see how it turns out. If successful, those who are willing to try different cuisines can request for the recipe. And I can share it either here or through email! (looks like my cooking fad is back. In fact, cooking is more of a passion with me).

Recently, I discovered a unique blend of spices, the local bezar spices. In this blend of spices, cumin seeds, fennel seeds,cinnamon sticks,coriander seeds,pepper corns are dry roasted and ground to a fine powder(and turmeric powder), which you can store in an airtight jar for over 10 months. And you can use this spice blend as advised in the recipe(s). Really worth a try!

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