Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New and Old

This weekend(or would that be last? since the weekend is almost here again) we moved to a new apartment building. Special features of this apartment building are: it's taller, our apartment is larger than the older one, we have an extra bathroom, and a much bigger kitchen etc. etc. But, I miss my old apartment like anything!

Also, if you take a closer look, most of the new/special features are useless anyway. The bathrooms are really tiny, and don't even have a bathtub! Instead, they have these sliding doors which lead unto a fairly insipid washing area. Plus, I am somewhat claustrophobic, and the idea of that enclosed space is suffocating enough. A long, narrow corridor leads to the kitchen area, I am still contemplating the utility of that longish corridor. Saadoon thinks that it can be effectively used as a cricket pitch, but we aren't really into sports. Besides, I have no intention of breaking the dishes, or denting the pots and other cooking utensils.

However, on the brighter side (literally), this apartment faces east and hence it's much sunnier. The view from all of the rooms is much more interesting too, as compared to the old one where all you could see were heaps of sand, cement and other construction material, or else plastic bottles, cans, and other ornamental objects that were scattered freely in the surrounding area. Bigger kitchen means more storage area, and one no longer feels like sardines in a tin if more than two people are in the kitchen at the same time. And we watch the traffic on the main road with immense fascination, but still I do miss my old apartment terribly!

Once upon a time, Saadoon and myself agreed that both of us are inflicted by that incurable disease: nostalgia. Because, invariably we spend our time reminiscing about the old times, and places. Everything that happened in the past is immediately surrounded by a golden aura. The distance removes all the painful, unpleasant moments in the past, and we see or remember nothing other than enchanting memories. Hmm...could it be so? Didn't I longingly and fondly remember the sea-view and our time at Karachi when I came here, while in actuality, I hated the city and thought it was some sort of pestilence and couldn't wait to get out of there. Will I begin to sing praises of the new apartment if or when we move to another place?

The answer is... perhaps, but I still hate the claustrophobic, tubless bathrooms!

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