Friday, June 25, 2010

A Day in Baby Beebly's Life (at the age of 6 weeks)

I cannot be too exact, since I don't know much about time and watches yet, but I assume it's 7:00 A.M when I normally wake up. It's really hot and bright outside, and the sunlight barges into the room despite the thick curtains. My mom is still asleep, I patiently wait for her to wake up. Usually I give her a couple of minutes  to notice that I am up), however if she continues to sleep I have to take further steps to wake her up like squirming, and kicking my legs wildly. Sometimes she wakes up briefly at this stage, only to smile at me or to kiss me before she nods off to sleep again. Although I love my mommy very much, I have to disturb her sleep because I am very hungry, and I think my diaper needs to be changed too! So regretfully I begin to cry in order to get her attention,on some days I have to wail really loud in order to wake her up. There you go, she's finally up, finally I will get some breakfast!

But I should have begun at the beginning. My day starts at 4 or occasionally at 4:30 in the morning. Everyone else is sleeping at that time,unless they wake up for Fajr. Other than that it gets very lonely, so I only wake up for my feed, and to get that diaper changed. Then I let them(my dear mom and dad) sleep in peace. After all they have had to fuss and dote over me all day long.

At this point in time, my life is fairly unexciting, you could even call it boring. But it used to be even duller a few weeks ago when I was a newborn baby and spent most of my time sleeping, because my eyesight wasn't fully developed and I could only look at close objects. Now that I am a 'older' and more active there is so much more to do. And since my vision is much better compared to 6 odd weeks ago, I like to stare at all kinds of objects. They are so many new things to stare at everyday. My particular favourite  are those fancy light bulbs, they are very intriguing. I can stare at them for hours and not get tired of them. Now that I have begun to 'talk', I speak to those light bulbs occasionally. My dad says that what I am doing is actually cooing, He says this because he doesn't understand baby language. While mom thinks that there is something wrong with my throat and I need to see a doctor!

My mom is funny in some ways(mind it I don't mean it disrespectfully after all I love her so much). Okay let me explain why I find some of her behaviour funny at times. When I was newly born, she would say it a hundred times in the day, "Oh, but he is always that normal? Is he okay?"And when I gradually began to sleep for smaller duration, she was worried that there was something wrong with me which prevented me from sleeping peacefully. If I sneeze thrice in a row, she becomes anxious and thinks I have caught cold, if I throw up small quantities of milk because I had overfed, she begins to think I am undernourished. To date, I have had at least two wholly unnecessary visits to the doctor. Luckily, my dad is reasonable and hence I don't have to go there every time mom pesters him. Although doctor Edwin is really nice. He is always smiling even when he explains to my anxious mom that everything is fine and I am a perfectly happy and healthy baby. Mom has secretly begun to wonder if he is really as able as he is said to be.

Mostly, I am a happy baby and as bonny as babies can be. But sometimes I am troubled by my enemies Angaa and Engaa. Then I have to squirm, kick my legs, punch in the air and do all methods that I know of fighting these enemies. Mom and dad still confuse these two. So for instance, if I am being trouble by Angaa they try to feed me, whereas they should be giving me those pediacol drops which the nice doctor prescribed for me(it tastes and smells awful). While if it is indeed Engaa who is the real culprit they feed me nasty stuff from various bottles that they have acquired. Also, sometimes they don't notice that my diaper needs to be changed so I have to cry in order to get them to notice. It's very tiresome though, why do I have to wail or cry all the time for getting something done? And still people are confused. My mum and granny shake their heads and wonder aloud what's , and mom even resorts to tears if I cry too much. She needs to understand that i am only trying to say something to her. Hmm..maybe I need to learn more efficient ways of communicating with them and learn that funny language they use.

Later in the morning, everyone else has breakfast, while I have had nothing since morning. Normally I manage to wake up at the precise moment when they are about to begin eating (I score1000 points if I wake up at the very beginning, 500 if it's the middle of the meal, and a measly 200 if they are about to finish. However, if I soil my diaper and begin to wail then I get 2000 bonus points!)

After breakfast, granny whom I call dada gives me an oil massage. I really love being massaged, I kick my legs and arms and make gurgling sounds to express my pleasure.

After that I take several naps in the day, but I make sure that I wake up to get some nourishment. Evening is the time when I mostly get attacked by Angaa, but dad says that he will disappear within a few weeks time, once my digestive system matures. I really hope that his information is right, because being attacked by Angaa every other evening is such a nuisance. Especially since he is responsible for making my nana think that I am always crying whereas nothing could be further from the truth. Those who live with me will testify that I have the sweetest disposition in the world and am always smiling(provided Angaa and Engaa are not bothering me).

When it's eleven O'clock in the night, it's bedtime for me. Though some people may argue that as a baby, I am always asleep hence every hour is bedtime for me. But that would be incorrect,because in the mornings I am only taking naps. Sometimes they are longer, sometimes they are really short. It only counts as bedtime after 10 P.M. And that's how a long day finally draws to a close. Hopefully as I will grow older, there will be much more interesting things in my life.


احمد عرفان شفقت said...

Really good to see a post here after such a long time. This is a unique post in a way...the narrator is amusing.

Arimas said...

Yeah,it was a long break indeed. I hope you meant unique in a omplimentary way:D

Saadat said...

Hello there, Baby Beebly, and welcome to this world!

I am so sad to hear that you have to face Engaa and Angaa so frequently. If I were you, I'll be as mad at them as you are (maybe even more). But hang in tight there, kiddo; just wait till you start crawling (that's a baby art that adults find very amusing, but little do they know that it's actually very serious business) and you'll start having so much fun. Just try to stay away from those electricity plugs when you're crawling; they are even worse than Engaa and Angaa.

(P.S. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Beebly. :) )

Arimas said...

Thank you:) He;s now three months old masha Allah, and has gotten over colic. So that's the end of Angaa. Now he is learning so many new things, that it's hard to put a tab on them.

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