Friday, July 2, 2010

My Fish 'Tanks'

Once upon a time, A. and I went to the Dubai mall to see the much talked about aquarium. (In fact, wasn't that sometimes last year?) It's definitely huge and it's amazing how they have managed to get so many different varieties of fish. The ones which most fascinated me were the sharks of course. Then there were shoals of beautiful little fish which swam up and down gracefully. Pretty spectacular. Though all the time I wondered how they managed to keep such a huge 'fish tank' clean and what would happen if god forbid it leaked or broke down. Gosh, that is going to be hell of a scene and someone will have to do quite a lot of mopping up to do, not to mention all those dead fish.(see how morbid my imagination can be at times)Of course the guys at the Dubai Mall may have a back up plan and must have it all figured out.

This obviously led me to reminisce about many innocent fish that we had tried to 'raise' as pets. Back in our school days we had many fantasies and obsessions. The one that I remember most vividly is how we all hoped that one day we would find little elves and then we will befriend them. (but that is a different story)While our sole obsession was trying to keep fish as pet. We were not living in the city by the sea, nor by the riverside either. Actually there wasn't even a small measly fish pond or any kind of pond nearby. We bought those innocent fish from a man who used to sell them in tiny plastic bags. I don't know how common it was elsewhere, but there was this darkish man who sold fish sealed in tiny plastic bags right in front of our school gate. More than once did we spend our precious pocket money for buying those tiny fish imprisoned in plastic gaols.

Then we brought them home, and our mothers duly admonish us and invariably threatened to throw them out. They told us that we were just going to kill them in a few hours by our over zealous care and should give up this fish raising project. Being young and ever optimistic we never paid any heed to their advice, nor did their cross words had much effect on us. Instead we scrubbed large plastic jars, then we made holes in the lid of the jar to let fresh air in. After that we just put in a lot of food .and waited for the fish to eat all the food up and grow bigger. Sometimes, all of us, that is to say all my siblings and cousins would each buy a fish and put them in one large jar and then brag whose fish was growing bigger. I don't think any of them lived beyond a couple of days. Then we mourned their loss for a few days, before hazarding our pocket money for another purchase and the cycle would repeat itself. It's a pity how young children don't have much wisdom and end up committing monstrous acts of cruelty while all the time they have the noblest and most pure intentions in the world.

So, those were our fish tanks then. Don't know what reminded me of them today. Poor little fish.

Moral of the story? I will leave that to the readers.

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