Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Writing Days are Over?

It's such a depressing thought. There was a time when I used to enjoy writing. It used to be such a pleasurable hobby, even if the only person who read it was me. I was just going through my older posts, and realized that my favourite pieces had been written way back in time. And April 2009 was possibly the funnest month of writing for me. Now I cannot even imagine writing something like "The Great Camel Heist". Now I am not claiming it was a masterpiece or something, but the fact is that I truly enjoyed writing that piece and re reading those posts brought back some good memories.

Ah, babies are such a brain drain...I remember Sir Siddiqi said to us girls on the first day at university not to let our brains go down the kitchen drains, but I am afraid that's exactly where mine are going these days, assuming I still have any left. Heck I don't even get to do any translations. Maybe I should seriously pursue my dream of translating some classic literature at least. There are so many nice stories and books that I dream of translating. *sighs*


Abba baba said...

Its far better to write far and few in between, rather than post a daily blog of what you ate, when you slept, and how your husband boiled over the tea on the stove top for the 1000th time today.

I for one, believe that babies are quite the opposite of brain drain. Just because they take us back to our roots, and make us notice the small things in life, which we otherwise so conveniently miss, doesnt mean that we cannot think big. Just that we are thinking small as well.

All the best, and happy writing.

احمد عرفان شفقت said...

I think this is just a passing phase...which all the people who are into writing are bound to face.

Sooner or later you will find yourself out of it inshallah :)

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