Sunday, May 1, 2011

From Baby Beebly to Phupha Jan

Thank you so much Phupha jan. I really appreciate your appreciation of my photo. My abba and amma also appreciate your appreciation. Abba had put up my photo as his profile picture, but I was surprised to see that you had posted it on you wall.

Now I can almost walk, but I pretend not to, otherwise my parents will have one less thing to bug me about. I have also completed a year long course in interior designing, and now I can successfully rearrange the contents of any drawer, cabinet and shelf in the house. I can also move small pieces of furniture to places where no man has gone before. If you find any of my lego blocks in your onion basket, or inside your refrigerator (or nightstand drawer, or bathroom tub), please keep it as a gift from me,.

And yes, I have successfully mastered the art of stacking rings on a cone.

Abba sometimes reads out Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat to me. He finds the book interesting, but i find it very tasty. I have already chewed half of its front cover.

I love to play in the water. But for some reason, that makes my parents think that I love showering as well. Wonder where they got THAT idea from!

Last time I got a haircut, it was from 'My Favorite Things' in Dubai Marina Mall. The filipino guy trimmed my hair more than abba asked him to. Abba has been furious with him ever since, and now says that he himself give me my next haircut. Can you please tell him to leave it to the professionals?

My nana abbu visits quite often, and I love doing the 'Allah hoo' routine with him. Its so calming.

I miss you all. When is your next surprise visit to Dubai? I promise I wont tell anyone.

Lots of love and Salam to all elders, and pyar to younger ones (is there anyone younger than me?)
Your bhateeja...

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احمد عرفان شفقت said...

bhateejay ji, at the moment I would just let you know there IS some one younger than you :)...

so your pyar has been conveyed to حیدر علی

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