Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let The System Continue?

I cannot count the number of times when I have heard the so called ;intellectuals', 'liberals, journalists and other proponents of democracy saying, "Let's not derail the system. Let it continue to work and it will right itself." And I am just left speechless. This system has not achieved anything in the last 67 years or so, except for making the rich very rich, and the poor even poorer; and giving immunity to the biggest criminals in the nation.

This system is corrupt, this system is decaying, this system is rotten; they all agree but at the same time remind us not to topple the system. Why?

My only question to these 'lovers' (read beneficiaries of a corrupt,rotten system) of democracy:
How would a corrupt, festering, dysfunctional system correct itself, when the interest of the people who are running it (parliament, judiciary, bureaucracy and to some extent even army) lies in its perpetuation? Would they cut the branch on which they are sitting? How can we expect a criminal to sign his own death warrant? How can we expect, fair, unbiased input from these inept people: had they been really that just and fair, we wouldn't need redress anyway.

And for those crying themselves hoarse over 'why couldn't Imran Khan and PTI stay within the system and raise their issues in the parliament', well hadn't they exhausted all available forums before hitting the road? If even now, when a great number of people are chanting go nawaz go, and demanding electoral reforms, and their voices are (deliberately) unheard. Then How can we expect the govt. to respond to the 35 odd MNAs of PTI?
P.S As for the 'anarchy' argument, all I have to say is: people in a civilized democracy have the right to assemble and protest peacefully. If you deny that right to them,  nay you actively and in most brutal manner try to stop them by teargassing them, firing at them, arresting political  opponents without any solid legal ground, and at the same time still hope that people would want this oppressive regime to continue, then you live in fool's paradise.

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